Electric Mobility and Pre-Mobility Scooters

Mobility electric scooters that are Stylish and dependable for travel and daily heavy lifting. Whether you are looking for a simple lightweight travel scooter that is easy to transport or a heavy duty utility scooter that is great on rugged terrain, these travel Mobility scooters are time tested vehicles that will meet your mobility needs inside or outside of your home.

The travel scooters range from very simple, economical scooters to luxurious, heavy duty community mobilizer scooters capable of supporting loads of up to 500 lbs. Our heavy duty community mobilizer scooters are available in both single and two seater models. The utility scooters have large seats and most of them come with a headlight and may even have turn signal lights. Purchase a travel or heavy duty scooter from Scootercatalog.com today and ride in style on a durable electric scooter that is a cut above the rest. If you would like any suggestions on an electric mobility scooter please email us.