450 Watt 48V ET-88 Electric Trike (3 Wheel Bicycle) Free Shipping

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  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/450-watt-48v-electric-trike-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/450-watt-48v-electric-trike-motor-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/et-88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-handle-bars-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/ew88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/et-88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-headlight-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/450-watt-48v-electric-trike-front-basket-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/et-88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-battery-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/et-88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-horn-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/et-88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-rear-basket-6.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/et-88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-17.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/et-88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-20.jpg
  • ET-88 450 Watt 48V Electric Trike/Tricyclehttp://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/et-88-450-watt-48v-electric-trike-27.jpg
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This 450 Watt Electric Trike is a sturdy electric tricycle that has been used by riders around the world looking for a smooth comfortable ride in town, neighborhoods or even for commercial applications indoors. With two large front and rear cargo baskets, the 450 Watt, 48 Volt Electric tricycle is perfect for for short distant transportation, and since the rear basket includes a top cover which is easily lockable, your cargo will be more secure.

The pedal assist kicks-in automatically as you pedal making the bike glide along with minimal effort. You can use the twist throttle on the handlebar to cruise along with or without pedaling. The ET-88 electric bike even has a reverse so that you can back up to park or to maneuver around obstacles easily. You only need to charge the batteries, inspect it and you are ready to ride. The removable battery is hardly noticeable yet it provides you electric power to ride 20 plus miles per charge with only minimal pedaling.

The ET-88 electric trike will make cycling a sport that easily fits into your daily routine. With convenience of the pedal assist, you can cycle to work, cycle with the children to school, to the grocery store, visit friends for a drink or just enjoy the fresh air and nature in your neighborhood. All this you can do relaxed on a comfortable seat included on the ET-88 electric trike

450 Watt 48 Volt Electric Trike (Three Wheeled Bicycle) key features

  • FREE - Front & Large metal basket - rear includes a top cover
  • Reverse Gear to maneuver around obstacles & park easily
  • FREE- 48 Volt Light Weight Smart charger
  • 450 Watt Brushless Front Hub Motor
  • Electronic Alarm System for added security
  • Large comfortable seat with back-rest
  • 95% assembled on delivery
NY City Delivery: $50 will be added to the freight rate on this item after checkout.

Click here to read about the Federal Electric Bicycle Law HR 727

450 Watt 48V ET-88 Electric Trike (Three Wheel Bicycle) Specifications

POWER  Electric Motor
WATTS  450 Watt
MOTOR TYPE  Brushless Front Wheel Hub Motor
BATTERY POWER  48 Volts(4 x 12 Volt), 12 AH SLA Battery
TIRE SIZE  22" x 1.75"
CHARGER  Smart charger included Free
Max. SPEED  Up to 17 MPH
RANGE/Charge  Up to 18-25 miles per charge - can still pedal if charge is lost (distance
 varies by riders weight, terrain, road surface etc.)
THROTTLE TYPE  Variable speed control- Twist Throttle-or-pedal assisted
FORKS  Suspension front fork
BRAKING SYSTEM  Front drum brake, rear brake expansion brake
DRIVE SYSTEM  Brushless Rear Hub Motor or Pedal Power
HEAD LIGHT  Yes- Electric battery powered
Trike DIMENSIONS  65"L x 29"W x 42"H inches
SHIPPING WEIGHT  149 Lbs (Shipped on a Pallet)
CARGO RACK  Yes- Front & Back
Warranty  90 days Parts Replacement
Documentation: User manual

450 Watt 48 Volt Electric Powered Tricycle Red
450 Watt 48 Volt Electric Powered Tricycle Blue

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