electric scooter with seat

The main difference between push scooters with seats and electric scooters with seat is speed. The motor in an electric scooter with seats allows them to achieve speeds of up to 15 mph. One of the best things about electric scooter with seats is that the battery is easily re-chargable and often can be plugged into the wall. Most electric scooter with seats can go between 8 and 12 miles on one electric battery charge. Check with local authorities for riding guidelines and restrictions. Most of electric scooter with seats models are not recommended for children under 12. Always wear a CPSC approved helmet along with knee and elbow pads for protection.

In some states, riding electric scooter with seats on the road is legal. Due to similarities in weight and speed, treating electric scooter with seats like bikes makes sense. Unfortunately, the enabling legislations  in some states add extra limitations (minimum age of 16, wear a helmet, etc). Electric scooter with seats, being a new technology, are poorly addressed by current scooter laws. New laws are on the drawing board. Various states have already passed city ordinances making electric scooters with seats equivalent to bicycles. Other cities are encouraged to adopt the same ordinance. In the meantime, you'll likely avoid police interference if you ride safely and courteously. Unfortunately, police have stopped a few electric scooter with seat riders. Often, the police cite the "motorized skateboard" provisions of the vehicle code. In addition to common sense and dictionary definitions, three official opinions refute that legal argument. electric scooter with seats have been ruled permissible on local transit, including BART.