MotoTec 350 Watt 24 Volt Kids Electric ATV / Dirt Quad (Free Shipping)

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  • MotoTec 350 Watt 24 Volt Kids Electric ATV -  Quad (MT-ATV)
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The MotoTec 350 Watt 24 Volt Mini Electric Quad is the ultimate kids rideon atv! Great Electric ATV for driveway and backyard fun, cruise over bumps and speed through dirt trails with ease. This Electric Quad comes standard with front & rear suspension, front & rear disc brakes and large 13 inch knobby pneumatic(Rubber) tires, this Electric ATV does not disappoint! This mini electric quad provides longer ride times than the competition and is equiped with 24 Volt 12amp batteries, a key start and battery meter.

MT-ATV 24v Electric ATV / Quad Features & Specifications
Motor Power: 24 Volt 350 Watt
Battery: TWO 12v 12ah (24v Total)
Top Speed: 8 MPH
Max Rider Weight: 100 lbs
Frame: Steel
Tires Size: 4.10-6 Knobby Pneumatic (13 inch)
Brakes: 2 disc front, 1 disc rear (with parking brake)
Suspension: 2 independent front shocks, 1 rear shock
Throttle: Variable twist-grip (half twist for safety)
Seat: Padded (Single rider)
Handlebars: Adjustable Forward/Back
Battery Meter: Yes
Key: Yes
Charging Time: 4-6 hours
Charger: Yes included
Assembly Required: Yes
ATV Size assembled: 43x23x30 inches
ATV Net Weight: 101 lbs
Shipping Box Size: 43x23x24 inches
Box Weight: 114 lbs
Recommended Age: 5-8 years old (A parent's decision to allow his or her child to ride this product should be based on the child's maturity, skill and ability to follow rules.)
Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice.

This MotoTec Electric Mini Quad speed is controlled by the rider's use of the throttle, weight and riding terrain. There are no internal settings that can be used to limit or govern the speed of the Electric Quad.
Please use caution and consider your rider's age, coordination level, maturity etc. to determine if they will be able to manage the speed of the Quad.

Electric Quads are Great for all kids ages, whether riding around the neighborhood or having fun at outdoor activities,  as long as the Quad battery has charge, you will ride your ATV along without using any additional energy. Take your Electric quad to school or for fun & play this season. Electric quads are versatile mobility vehicles of our time and among  the safest around. This electric quad is an amazing recreational vehicles, whether you're young or old, an electric quad will provide you with numerous hours of fun and effortless mobility.

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