X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter Powerful 350 Watt Motor, 36 Volt Battery, New 2014 Model (Free Shipping)

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  • X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter 350 Watt 36 Volt http://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/x-370-x-treme-electric-scooter-4-colors-6.jpg
  • X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter 350 Watt 36 Volt http://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/x-370-x-treme-electric-scooter-2014-model-50.jpg
  • X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter 350 Watt 36 Volt http://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/x-370-x-treme-electric-scooter-2014-model-51.jpg
  • X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter 350 Watt 36 Volt http://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/x-370-x-treme-electric-scooter-2014-model-52.jpg
  • X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter 350 Watt 36 Volt http://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/x-370-x-treme-electric-scooter-2014-model-53.jpg
  • X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter 350 Watt 36 Volt http://ep.yimg.com/ay/scootercatalog/x-370-x-treme-electric-scooter-2014-model-54.jpg
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The New Model X-370 is packed in foam fitted styrofoam to avoid shipping damage & uses the new higher output 12V 12AMP batteries for better performance & includes a UL certified 36 volt battery charger.

X-370 extreme electric scooter, is the original X-treme electric scooter, it is designed with the latest in product innovation and future technology.  This is the premium selling electric scooter of all times and it features A 3 x 12 volt battery system, equivalent to 36 Volts of power (most other electric scooters that look similar have only 2 batteries i.e 24 volts). The X-370 electric scooter comes standard with a powerful 350(600 output) watts electric motor that drives a chain direct to the rear wheel. In the bottom pictures is an updated Model X-370 electric scooter with an output of  = 600 Watts.

X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter, 350 Watt 36 Volt Features & Specs

Power: Electric
Watts: 350 (not 250 watts like the others sell) (output = 600 watts)
Amps: 30
Volts: 36 (not 24 volts like the others sell)
Batteries: Three 12 volts Maintenance Free (Not 2 Batteries like All Others)
Tire Size: 13" with Chrome Mag Wheels
Charger: Smart Charger Included-Free
Tool Kit: Included-Free
Speed: 17-21 mph(Depends on riders weight and Terain)
Distance: 15 to 20 miles per charge(Depends on riders weight and Terrain)
Throttle Type: Variable speed control
Key Start: Yes
Seat Kit Included: Yes
Braking System: Rear Drum
Drive System: Chain
Foldable: Yes (Handle bars and seat)
Head Light: Yes
Tail Light: Yes
Brake Light: Yes
Blinkers: Front & Rear
Suggested Max Weight: 300 lbs (other brands only carry 250 lbs)
Carton Size (LxWxH): 46Lx14Wx25H
Scooter In Box Weight: 80 lbs
Scooter Weight: 59 lbs
Electric Horn: Yes
Spring Loaded Seat: Yes
Speedometer: Yes
Battery Indicator: Yes
Cargo Rack/Trunk: Not Included
Storage box with key included, but does not need to be installed. Your choice!
X-Treme Scooter Warranty

*Go here to View or print a X-370 step by step assembly instructions
*Go here to View or print a owners manual in adobe PDF.
*Go here if your scooter will not run. Also if the lights and accessories work but scooter will not start.
*Go here for instructions to remove or replace the body of the X-treme X-360 Electric scooter.
*Go here for instructions for the front fork assembly
*Go here to view the rear wheel axle assembly illustration of the X-Treme X-370 Electric Scooter.
*Go here if your scooter blinkers are no longer working, flashing or making sound when activated.
*Go here if your electric scooter has a burning smell.
*Go here if your scooter will not take a charge from your electric scooter battery charger.
*Go here if your scooter sparks, tries to start when plugged into the charger or runs on it's own.
*Go here if your rear wheel or back wheel is frozen up or will not spin freely.
*Go here to test your horn and learn how to replace it if necessary.

Product Pictures might differ for the new model:

X-370 electric scooter
X-370 electric scooter 2014 Model

X-Treme X-360 Scooter Parts
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X-Treme X-360 Scooter Parts
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