49cc Family Gas Scooter XG-470 EPA Certified Gas Engine : Free Shipping

49cc Gas Scooter X-Treme XG-470 (EPA Certified)

Family Gas Scooter Model: X-Treme XG-470 (EPA Certified Gas Engine)

Electric Starting Gas Scooter Model XG-470. The Newest model with an EPA certified 49cc engine.
  • This low cost family scooter with full instrumentation, head light, tail light, blinkers, horn and electric start is sure to take any member of the family anywhere they need to go. This model is just like our X-360 electric scooter model except this one is powered by gas. The range is 20+ miles for each full tank.

  • The XG-470 comes with both front and rear brakes, a 49cc electric starting gasoline 2-stroke engine and automatic transmission for optimal performance and nearly zero maintenance.
  • The charging system is all built into the engine, as you ride your XG-470 gas scooter, it will charge the battery automatically.
  • We also include an external charger that will allow you to plug the scooter in so you can charge it when it is not in use or during the off season.
  • Each XG-470 gasoline scooter comes with an external smart charger (turns off automatically when battery is fully charged), a tool kit that fits the common nuts and bolts on the scooter, and a rear trunk box that does not have to be installed to the scooter, but it's included FREE and it is your choice to install it or not. This model is our second best seller aside from the X-treme X-360 which is identical to this model except it runs on electric instead of gas & is a little slower.
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Click here to view complete XG-470 scooter assembly manual
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