This three (3) wheeled scooter is unlike anything on the market. The front wheel is controlled by the handle bars, as a bicycle would be controlled. The two back wheels on the other hand have the ability to independently move. The two platform, one for each leg/foot comes together then apart using the main front wheel as the center point similar to scissors. With this mechanism, the rider is able to propel himself or herself using a scissor like motion with his or her legs, similar to an ice skater or roller blader. With the tango scooters features and variety of sizes and colors, anyone from five (5) years of age to the elderly can get on and ride the Tango within a minute. Don't be surprised when you one day see a family following each other in file, all riding tango scooters, just as you would see a family in your neighborhood riding bikes.

It is neither gas nor electric operated, instead it is propelled by an easy scissors-like feet motion, and as such very simple and fun to use. Unlike your conventional scooters, which only has two wheels, the tango scooter was technically designed with three wheels. Although it can be ridden on two wheels,(Not Recommended - for professional riders only) the scooter itself uses the two back wheels as a way to propel the rider. The scooter is not powered by any source of power (Gas or Electric) other than the rider's sweat equity.

The scooter was designed with a dual platform for each foot and works together in sync as the tango dance itself. The rider simply spreads his or her feet apart and then together. A similar motion is seen with skaters from ice skating to roller blading, the motion of feet apart and then together propels the rider. Direction is provided by the handle bars that maneuver the front wheel. Moving the wheel to the left turns the rider to the left. Moving the wheel to the right, turns the rider to the right. The tango scooter, will give you the sensation of stirring the handle bar as if riding a bicycle, yet skating with the motion of feet apart and then together propelling you. As you improve your skills, and become more fluid with the tango scooter, you'll find your knees bent, shifting your body left and right similar to a skiing motion. The tango scooter provides its rider with easy steering and balance. We provide different sizes of scooter with several sizes of wheels to allows the tango scooter to accommodate all sizes of riders at all ages. The tango scooter comes with a quality updated deck designed from aircraft grade aluminum, and a patented rear fender brake for safety. This is one of the most unique inventive products to come to market. Experiencing the tango scooter will provide you with a sensation unlike any other.

Our user demonstrations have been met with allot of interest, and anyone from 5 year olds to the elderly can get on and ride the Tango within a minute.

This is the culmination of an evolutionary toy. Unlike its predecessor the kick scooter, the Tango has redefined the art of harmonic rhythm of movement without compromising on fun and ease of portability of the original kick scooter.

This product is unique and has infiltrated the mass market where it is bound to take the nation by storm! It's easy steering and firm balance allows the Tango to fit all ages. It comes with an updated deck designed from aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube, and a patented rear fender brake and folding mechanism.

Tango scooter comes in three colors: GREEN, & BLUE, RED. Available Wheel sizes are 5" and 6". The 5" is model number "T-535 tango". The 6" is model number "T-636 tango".

Figure this, for a very attractive low price, you can do tricks, have fun, and have a great work-out all at once on this three wheel tango scooter.

Watch the Video Clip below.

It comes in two sizes:
Model Weight Capacity
T-535($99) 125 lbs.
T-636($119) 175 lbs.
Shipping box dimensions
L40" x H14-7" x W10" 20lbs(636)
L30" x H12-6" X W8" 15lbs(535)
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